Pennington made his public music debut at the age of eight.

Early in his piano studies he was heard playing Brahms by

the concert pianist Leonidas Lipovetsky. Several days later

he was invited to study with the world-renowned artist. Mr.

Pennington's student lineage can be traced back a mere six

steps to Beethoven. He has performed for thousands across

the United States and Europe. Appearing on stage,

television and radio he has been heard in 102 countries


Pennington was born to perform! Watch him play and you

will instantly know this. Whether it be a challenging classical

piece, a whimsical pop tune, or a poignant simple melody,

one gets a sense that this is a man born to the stage and

born to performance. His hands touch the piano with

passion, flair and sensitivity. His eyes dance with excitement.

His entire body moves with the sheer electric joy of

performance - alive in the moment!
After nearly every concert someone will step up to

Pennington and ask what might seem to be an odd request,

but he has gotten used to it. They ask to see his hands.

Some want to hold and carress them. Others just want to

look at them with wide eyes. Truly, It is one of the first

things one notices when watching Pennington play. He

seems to effortlessly "paint" the music with his hands. They

move with such expression that many concert-goers are

spell bound. "Sometimes when I'm playing a concert,

Pennington says laughingly, through my peripheral vision, I

can see my hands on the big video screens on stage. My

hands look huge, larger than life and it is very distracting to

me! I have to be very careful to never look in the direction of

the screens!" Apparently many audience members agree

it is amazing to watch his hands!