“Here in Australia, we simply have nothing like this, a pleasure to listen to brilliance!”
Fan Mail – Australia

“Great job and (10)********** from the Neths.”
Fan Mail – Netherlands

“Brilliant. What more can I say?”
Fan Mail – USA

Fan Mail – Italy

Fan Mail – YouTube

“That was great!”
Fan Mail – William, Germany

“...an amazing show with lots of variety from show music and classical and more. It was a wonderful show and I hope to see you guys in Vegas!”
Fan Mail – Trudy, USA

“I remember Vegas and how nervous I was on stage with you...and how calm you were! WAY TO GO!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!.”
Fan Mail – Holly, Dallas

“We attended your recent concert in Coconut Creek. We were “blown away”! What an evening!”
Fan Mail – Millie, Florida

“Two absolutely great talents!!!!!”
Fan Mail – YouTube

“Phenomenal... Fantastic... Magnifique!”
Fan Mail – Martin, UK
“Your performance here at the Wynmoor is the talk of the community. Everyone is in awe of your selections, virtuosity and outstanding talent. Thank you for giving our audience a night to remember.”
Mary DeCecco, Director of Entertainment – Wynmoor Theatre

“This show is a hit!”
Fan (after-show video interview)

“Last night's concert was over the top. Thank you for a marvelous experience.”
Fan Mail – Facebook

“As an act, Dunlap and Pennington rank right at the very top! I would put them up against any of the big names.”
Claudia Genteel, Artistic Director – Township Center for the Performing Arts

“Speechless....SMOKIN' INCREDIBLE!! Keep it rolling!!”
Fan Mail – Eric, Brazil

Fan mail – YouTube

“OMG!! ... this is truly amazing! I love it, love it, love it.”
Fan Mail – Bob, Delaware

“The first time I saw you on stage, I knew that was your “home”. You're awesome and your stardom continues to shine.”
Fan Mail – Annette, Canada

“What showmen you are.....great talent!!”
Fan Mail – Jackie, Canada